If you could go back and change one play. .

This tweet got me thinking:

From a Utah perspective, what play would you change?

Maybe having Majerus use a time out in the late 2nd half of the national championship game?

Maybe the freak deflection and interception against Washington in th PAC-12 championship game?

Have offensive pass interference called against Drew Pearson in the 1975 playoffs.

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Have Kaelin Clay hold onto the ball?


That’s been my number one answer to this sort of question ever since… I’ve still never been able to go back and re-watch the second half of that game.


I would change every single play of the Utah-TCU football contest from 2010.


1982 Holy War. Hilary Johnson had a 70 yard run end on the 1 yard line. Utah QB Ken Vierra asks the officials if they can wipe off the wet slippery football and is told no (rules at the time apparently said the center can ask but not the QB). The snap is fumbled and recovered by the Cougars for a touchback. Lost that one 17-12 and it would have been a rare victory in those days.


Early in the fourth quarter of the 2022 Rose Bowl against OSU, Utah is up 38-31 with the ball around the Buckeyes’ 20. It’s 4th and 3, and the Utes go for it. Rising’s pass to Kuithe only goes for 2 yards, and the ball goes to OSU. Now, if Utah gets that conversion, who knows what happens. But even with the way OSU moved the ball in that game, I would like Utah’s chances if they get a TD and go up 45-31 with around 10 minutes left.


I have said elsewhere here… that play was the turning point of the game. If the pass hits Kuithe where he doesn’t have to lose momentum, he makes it. The little things can hurt you.

Also, there was game against Oregon in Eugene where Kincaid came up short on a similar play that cost us a score, I think?

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I’d change the play where Cam got hurt in the Rose Bowl against Ohio State…