If the 16 team playoff happened this season

So, another CFP Rankings and Conference Championship season is over. I always have said to be “fair” all 10 conference champs and 6 at large should be the playoff. The first two rounds are at the higher seed’s home field. Then use the bowl series for Final Four. Don’t get mad that BYU didn’t make at large. That is not my fault.

Game #1 is 1.Alabama SEC Champ vs 16. UAB CUSA Champ in Tuscaloosa.
Game #2 is 9.Georgia #4 At Large vs 8. Cincinnati AAC Champ in Cincinnati.
Game #3 is 5. Texas A&M #2 At Large vs 12. Coastal Carolina Sun Belt Champ in College Station
Game #4 is 13. San Jose State MWC Champ vs 4. Notre Dame #1 At Large in South Bend.
Game #5 is 2. Clemson ACC Champ vs. 15. Ball State MAC Champ in Death Valley
Game #6 is 10. Iowa State #5 At Large vs. 7. Florida #3 At Large in Gainesville.
Game #7 is 6. Oklahoma B12 Champ vs. 11. Indiana #6 At Large in Norman.
Game #8 14. Oregon Pac 12 Champ vs. 3. Ohio State Big 1G Champ in Columbus

Game #9: Game 1 winner vs Game 2 winner at higher seed
Game #10: Game 3 winner vs Game 4 winner at higher seed
Game #11: Game 5 winner vs Game 6 winner at higher seed
Game #12: Game 7 winner vs Game 8 winner at higher seed

Game #13: Game 9 winner vs Game 10 winner at Rose Bowl
Game #14: Game 11 winner vs Game 12 winner at Sugar Bowl

Game #15: Game 13 winner vs Game 14 winner at Orange Bowl

10 Conference Champs


Ball State


Ohio State




San Jose



6 at large

Notre Dame




Iowa State


Are you sure you don’t want all 6 at large teams from the SEC?

Why would any Alabama fan want even one other SEC team. I’m not a conference guy. I placed at large by the rankings.

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