If Oregon is down by say 20 entering 4th quarter, they should surrender and let Utah run up the score

It the Utes dominate the Ducks there will be a pretty good clamor that the Utes should be in (the playoffs).
If Utes win in a squeaker, probably no playoffs for Utah. So, if Oregon is losing by say 20 points late in the third quarter they should just roll over and let the Utes run up the score big time, to help the Utes sail freely into playoff waters and vacate the Rose Bowl spot for themselves.

If Oregon tanks it in the CCG, the committee might rank USC ahead of the ducks, and would take the spot in the Rose Bowl.


Yep, they did that the year Colorado won the South IIRC. I thought it was a sh!t move to take SC over the South champion.

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96GradAlum, noted. So, in the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, Never Mind.

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I expect nothing less than a strong effort by the Ducks. Were Utah the winner of the south (perhaps in a few years from now with a loss at Florida and one loss in conference) and not in contention for the CFP and facing a one loss North champ (with a possible path to CFP if they win), I would expect Utah’s strongest effort to win the game, and if behind, to fight to keep it close.


I think many here are delusional if they think this win is already in the bag. This is Utah’s toughest game of the year so far. Don’t expect a blow out or you are likely setting yourself up for disappointment.


I agree with this.

However, no outcome would be surprising to me.


You guys can do what you want, but I’m expecting a blowout.

And 15 sacks. It’s going to be fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go Utes!

I’ll have some of whatever you are drinking…

Not me. Oregon is a very good team and they’d love nothing more than to poop on our parade. Just win baby! Everything else is gravy IMHO


That’s lame. What if LSU allows UGA to win just to ensure the SEC gets two teams in? You play straight up.

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We will get the Ducks’ best shot just like we did from everyone else.

I’ve gone to all the Oregon boards I can, and the fans seem pretty subdued. No outcome would surprise me, but obviously I am pulling for a decisive win. Whitt will motivate the team with the naysayers comments. That usually bodes well for us.

This has got to be the most talented and consistent team we’ve ever had. We have a true leader and playmaker at QB, we have a more than competent OC, and we’ve arguably got the best D in the nation.

I don’t think the Ducks stand a chance. But that’s just my opinion.