Ideas for Going to the City of Angels

Going the Hollywood Bowl with my wife (for the first time ever) at the end of the month. We’re pretty good finding our way around and we’ll have a rental car, but hoping to find some restaurants within a 3-mile radius of the Bowl and any local knowledge regarding things to do, public transit vs Uber & Lyft etc…

Ann’s Wine Bar inside the grounds of the Hollywood Bowl is a great choice, but eat outside for the ambience. After dinner, which is very good, walk right to your seats. Also, Musso & Franks Grill is a L.A. institution. Countless movies filmed there. Very old school with thick steaks and dry martinis.

Don’t take any form of public transportation unless you’re packing heat. Renting a car is your best bet in L.A. If that’s not an option then Uber or Lyft. But beware of both Uber and Lyft. Wait times are long now

I rent from these guys for car if you haven’t gotten one yet. My favorite company to rent from in the US:

DM me if you need a place to stay rent-wise. My friend may have her guest house for rent. I stay there at Christmas every year. It’s above Mulholland by Runyon Canyon and about a mile from Hollywood Bowl.

My go-to food spots are LA Farmers Market (4 miles from Bowl). Always solid options and very casual. Frank & Musso’s (1 mile from Bowl) for old Hollywood or Tam O’Shanter (5 miles). Dumpling House in Korea town is another one we hit a bunch for the dumplings and Bao Buns (5 miles). Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills is the Italian spot we hit as well. It’s 6 miles away but an easy drive to the bowl. It’s LA, there is a reason it’s the #1 food city in America.

Thanks so much!
I might have missed the window to reserve a table at Annie’s at this point but I’m going to check it out.

That’s so very thoughtful. We have an Airbnb but I might just DM you anyway cuz it’s about three klicks out and would love to be able to walk to the bowl and back. Very much appreciate all the restaurant beta.
We’re very excited about this trip.