I watched the game last night

And it was more of the same offensively. Players rarely move without the ball, rarely set good screens and too much standing around watching the guy with the ball go one on one with the defender.
It’s become borderline unwatchable for me anymore
Lastly what idiot decided a game on Sunday the same day of the Super Bowl would be a good idea ?!
I won’t be watching either Me n my dogs will be out flyfishing or photographing wildlife somewhere

I don’t know, I felt somewhat encouraged by the game last night. Not gonna lie, they certainly had their moments where I think your observation applies. However there also was a lot of fairly decent offense. Depending on the defense they are facing, pick & roll and drive & kick are the right way to attack. Seems like the guys are getting better all the time at moving to provide passing lanes and catching ball ready to shoot.

Bottom line, we were a rash of turnovers away from winning a game on the road in hostile territory to a decent team. This team has a lot of upside and it seems like I can see some growth. Turnovers and short clock/out of bounds/coming out of a timeout plays continue to be concerns for me, but I at least enjoyed watching the game because it wasn’t a blowout.

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This has been my complaint not just about the Utes but of college basketball in general. The three point line has and is destroying the game of strategy and turning it into a show of athletic ability and showiness!