I was a little worried when we were up by just 81. Fortunately, we won by 94. Sheesh

That was crazy. MV State can’t be THAT bad. It was just one of those games, but it was fun to watch, and we have a lot of talent.

TWO players with triple doubles? Sure, why not?

Matt Van Komen is a genetic clone of Chuck Nevitt. It’s weird as hell. He even has the mustache.

Timmy Allen is the leader, Both Gach is the most talented and quite possibly will end up in the NBA. Hard to tell with everyone else, but there’s plenty of talent, overall.

I can understand why Jace bailed out. Carlson is eons better as an athlete, and Lahat at 6-9 is far more explosive, vertically. It will be fascinating to see how this team plays this year. Insanely young, lots of talent, we’ll see who emerges.

That was a fun way to get a football BYE weekend started.

CB saying it’s a Division 1 record

Not only apparently biggest margin of victory between 2 D1 teams, but first time 2 players on same team each had a triple double in the same game. But we have much stronger opponents left in front of us.

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I’m glad they had a Globetrotter moment. We’ll soon see tougher opponents.

No, I think they really are that bad. It’s still pretty amazing to be able to win by 94 regardless. We saw a lot of solid play from all players tonight. It would have been easy for them to get lazy and sloppy, but to their credit they never did

What Utah also accomplished tonight was getting me to leave early. I don’t remember the last time that happened, if ever. They were only up 87 at that point. I just couldn’t watch any more of that massacre.

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