I simply CANNOT feel any concern over this game

No one, anywhere, coaches, players, papers, radio, Ute boards, friends, NO ONE seems to have anything but extreme confidence in our ability to win this game.

That alone, would normally have the Ute PDST in me, fearing the worst.

But, I simply cannot work up any concern. Why:

  1. AZ has been disassembling it’s defensive coaching staff mid-season - can’t help but have a destabilizing effect.
  2. AZ Coaching staff cannot seem to make up it’s mind over which QB to start - again, likely destabilizing.
  3. Several injuries to the O-line. An O-line by the way that has given up a HUGE number sacks, and will be facing the most imposing defense of the season.
  4. Several of the leaders of this team, came back for a senior season, for, what they describe as, “unfinished business”. That attitude will not allow them to go into this game unprepared - no way they will risk their goal at this late juncture.
  5. While Whit does not like to RUTS for style points in support of the team’s CFP chances, he will ask his defense to do everything in their power to limit AZ scoring.
  6. AZ is on a 5 game losing streak.

Given all of the above, I am confidant that Utah will win this game BIG! The only real questions are:

How many points do we give up?

How early do the coaches empty the bench?


Exactly. Can we lose? Sure, but it will take something like half the team having food poisoning. The ingredients are there for this to be comedically lopsided