I miss having a true rival

For me, since joining the PAC 12 the rivalry with BYU has lost a lot of its luster. Sure, there is added emotion for the game, but I was much more hyped for the USC, ASU and the UW games. BYU is approaching how I feel when we used to play USU. CU is not a real rival and I don’t know if it will.

Not me. I think it’s legitimately a competitive advantage to the Utes to not have that heated rivalry at the end of the year. The old adage “throw the records out the window.” doesn’t really apply to the CU/UU game and that’s a good thing.

As far as the BYU rivalry, that one ended. Utah won.


Hard to argue with that logic.

Let’s see, we moved to the PAC 12 and the Conference resuscitated the Rumble in the Rockies with Colorado.

Since then, the Buffs have screwed us out of the South Championship and won one themselves.

East Provo has yet to see anything resembling a win.

It ain’t a rivalry unless there is something more than bragging rights on the line. I expect the game tomorrow to be tough because there is a lot on the line for both teams.

East Provo will get their heads caved in at SDSU…with nothing on the line.



I am delighted to develop a rivalry with Colorado, being that we’re actually in the same conference. Also noting that they have spoiled some of our hopes and dreams previously and seem motivated to do it if they can tomorrow.
The boulder campus is lovely, the school is reputable and Colorado is a progressive state with an excellent balance of both conservative and liberal idealism and practical applications.
Why not have a spirited rivalry?


Of course for the last couple of years, the Utes have kept them out of bowl games.

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See. The saw cuts both ways…

As they will again this year.

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Are you forgetting 2011 ? Always. And I mean always throw out the record!!!

I feel like we play 9 awesome rivalry games each year instead of maybe 2 per year in the MWC.


For me our old rivalry was a love-hate thing. I loved its intensity but I hated its toxicity. For example, after living in Los Angeles for half my life it’s my strong opinion that USC-UCLA, although a storied and sometimes bitter rivalry at the student level, is at the bottom good-natured. People on both sides have fun with it. Utah-BYU was just not like that for too many people. It brought out the worst in people.

I still love beating them.


I wish we would dump BYU and never play them again