I’m Sick of Fox

The $200 haircuts were yammering stupidly and accidentally lit upon a serious topic, mental health.
They made a point about how players, through their celebrity, can help people. One of the dumber ■■■■■ said that a young player could go to USC or Michigan or Ohio State and make a difference.
I had to simultaneously roll my eyes and shake my head. What a POS.

On another subject, what happened to the ‘Bitching and Moaning’ category?

People complained about it too much so they got rid of it.


I’d like to speak to the manager…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Their broadcast in 4k looks like it’s from 2008. Just trash all around from Fox

Please file your complaints in the Bitching and Moaning category and a manager will be with you shortly.


We don’t have a manager. We’re an anarcho-syndicalist collective.



Is it me, or was Tim Brando totally off his game yesterday. It was like they were talking total nonsense and overhyping stuff.

The one commentator who consistently has trash takes.

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Maybe Tim Brando in his later career is going the way of Marlon Brando in his later career.

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But Brando owned some killer tropical resorts in French Polynesia. I highly recommend them.