I like Mayfield

I hope that he can land on his feet. I understand that he’s not a great QB, but I always thought that he was or at least could be a decent NFL QB.

His getting released my be a good thing for him. I suppose the team with the biggest need right now is San Francisco.

Oh, wow. What if those commercials where he lives in the stadium become reality?

Seriously, it seems like he’s one of those QBs who has a lot of moxy & some incredible plays made, but falls in the cracks on talent.

I watched a little of the Jets game yesterday. The QB they brought in to (apparently) teach a lesson to Zach Wilson might be a great team leader that everyone likes, but his arm strength didn’t get it done.

This is where Tyler Huntley actually makes the cut.

(Wow…there’s a thought. What if the Jets pick up Huntley? That move would have extreme value in the Intermountain West.)

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Now there’s a thought, Huntley with the Jets. So, ZW gets cut or sent to Carolina?

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Fascinating thought experiment. ZW has talent - has he turned off teammates and the insufferable Jets fan base? The Jets have a history of going through first round QBs, like Darnold before ZW. Is Saleh going to actually improve the team?

I like Tyler - not sure the NY fanbase and media market are the place for him.

I have to agree, that TH to Jets is a fascinating thought experiment but a bad fit with fans and media.

What is it with the Jets, regardless of coach, and QBs? That looks like the place for a QB to wither and die. Favre didn’t do crap, Sanchez (1 good year?), Darnold, who else?

I’d like to see Mayfield go some place and do well again. I feel like the Browns did him dirty, like the 49ers did Alex.


Mayfield was a hot topic on the Dan Patrick Show today. Given the Niners are without a viable #1 QB (Sorry, not buying Brock Purdy as a guy to get them to the playoffs) they might take a flyer on Mayfield.

I figure that they have nothing to lose with him. I think you’re correct in that Mayfield is better than Purdy.

I didn’t realize just how much ZW had turned off the locke room.

I wouldn’t wish the Jets on Huntley either

I was a little sorry for ZW to get drafted there because of the history the Jets have with QBs. I wonder if ZW’s career is essentially over before it really started. He’d be better of anywhere else than the Jets.

I’ve said it a million times; Aaron Rodgers was put in the best situation possible when he was drafted to the Packers to sit and watch (and learn) from Favre for 3 years. Then he took over with a great OLine and total team package set up for winning.
I always wonder why teams give their $Billion franchises to a young kid? And why the Jets thought Wilson was their savior I’ll never know! One good season against mostly inferior competition, and a nice throw at pro-day doesn’t make you a great NFL QB.


The whole situation playing out in the NFL today reminds me of a famous Howard Cossell quote…

“Pete Rozelle wanted parity. What he got was mediocrity.”


Mayfield to Rams


Mayfield flew into LA Tuesday, playing tonight.

(But he had a huge advantage - he got to study the playbook on the flight.)



good to see him get a chance, and do decently well

Wow…that comeback drive. Of course, the Raiders did themselves no favors.