I know BYU has scoreboard over the Utes right now, but this made me smile

My brother sent me this interesting something coming from Nick Emery - who I kind of consider Marshall Henderson lite so file it for what it is worth.

For the Utes I think it means maybe what we suspected. BYU actually isn’t that great, and so neither are we. We hung with USC until Carlson went down though, so who knows.


Just remember Virginia, on its championship run lost a game to Chaminade.

Not saying TDS is Virginia with Ralph Sampson, but they don’t suck, either.

I have to say that comment by Emery seems to be the epitome of a lack of self-awareness. If he thinks he was mistreated by BYU, he’s delusional.


BYU was facing injury trouble that they didnt have against us. Their ceiling is lower without Gavin Baxter (who hasn’t ever been able to stay on the floor).

As for Emery, I know he’s right in the sense that Pope is a slime ball. Hes a time bomb. If BYU is lucky, he will do well enough to get the attention of a better program and be on his way soon. If not, it’s a matter of time before his antics catch up to him.


Both BYU and Utah facing tough injury problems. (Cougars out 2 bigs, Utes out FIVE players now).

I try to avoid excuses and be of the attitude it’s up to the remaining players to step it up (next in line) when starters are out, but when losing so many it’s hard not to feel somewhat unlucky.


But then you have no bench.

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Yeah, the ‘next man up’ mantra has a limit. What utah is facing right now in hoops is the proportional equivalent of losing 35 players to injury in football. “next man up” is long gone.


Hoops can be as challenging as any sport to handle injuries to starting athletes. With Football for example you have 22 starters on offense and defense (and number of regular players is usually higher than that since teams typically have different packages depending on down/yardage situation) plus special teams. Unless it’s your QB or star running back, a few lost players doesn’t rip the team apart.

With hoops, there are 5 players that play offense and defense and losing a few starters is a huge loss.

And as implied above, when you’re starting the second string, you end up putting out third string players when starters need a few minutes of rest.