I hear Waco every other year is lovely in the fall

RIP PAC 12 - we hardly knew you!

Its a ■■■■■■■■ no matter the time of the year.


And yet you can go to the Silos and pray at the altar that shiplap built. What does (l)Ames have to offer?

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Caseys breakfast pizza and tenderloin sandwiches. Thats about it

Wow (if true)

PAC RIP - 1915 - 2023


Central TX isn’t bad in the Fall. Avoid it in the summer, and during Live Oak pollinating season. Both can make you extra miserable. But, Waco isn’t really Central TX, it’s approaching North TX.

It was always a stopover for us when we needed a break when driving between the Metroplex and Austin. Not much to see or do there iirc.