I have no idea if he's still active here but runnutz was elected to the HOF

I don’t know where to put it but he used to have a lot of insight into football so…

Congratulations Coach Wigham. Utah State Hall of Fame.

Nice. Good for him.


I have a minor beef with Wig - because of him they took the goal posts down from my Jr. HS football field and it’s all soccer now.

Seriously, very cool. Wig’s dad was a character, too. On the left is Joe Cravens, I believe.

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I wish he still posted here, but it seems he’s gone to one of the pay sites.

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Looks like the guy, center back row, is showing how he used to teach his defensive lineman to grab the running back’s nutz as they came through the hole.


Luckily Dave and Annette were able to work in a few minutes to hit the bar yesterday. Retired, living in Sun River and loving life. Got a chance to meet their new granddaughter for the first time.