I have never seen a team get more first downs than its opponent and lose by 63 points

But Arizona just did to ASU, 63-7. I guess being minus-7 in turnovers didn’t help.

The final was 70 -7. Arizona looked bad. Seeing the Chinese running back for ASU was cool.

Damn, how long does UofPay keep Sumlin? He’s proving to not be a great, let alone good fit for them.

They were ready to hire coach ken, but they listened to their “heisman candidate” quarterback who said he’d transfer if they did.


I nominate this post for the “that aged well” post of the year.
Lasted all of, what… hours?

Roughly correct, this time around. I did ask similar question about a year ago. One of my friends is a BIG aTm fan. Thanks to him I watched Sumlin. I didn’t think he was great at A&M, and wasn’t a good fit for UofPay. So seeing him crash and burn at Arizona was not a surprise to me.