I had to read this crazy story from Texas so you now have to

Needless to say I am glad Sark hired him away from Alabama.

I’d laugh, except for the poor kid got bit. So glad that dude and his GF aren’t at Utah.


Well, certainly one for “News of the Weird.”

Poor little kid. That said, monkeys are damned mean. Packs of monkeys in the jungle were well know for attacking soldiers on patrol in Vietnam, Guatemala, Honduras…pretty much name the place.

“It’s part of her act” and now I feel the writers of Demi Moore’s “Striptease” should have gone with Monkey over snake.

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It’s wild because I though FAMU’s “distraction committee” was the wildest thing of the week on College football Twitter:

Is the circus in Austin? I mean WTF?

I was opposed to their joining the SEC but this makes me think they may be ready.

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This may be the best Defensive effort given by Texas in a while:

I love the SEC meltdowns y’all are missing.