I guess Utah should have left the starters in longer yesterday

After all, winning by 66 points is apparently not good enough to keep you from dropping in the polls. After all, a team Utah didn’t play yesterday lost to another team they didn’t play yesterday. So they should be punished for that despite scoring the most points they’ve scored in nearly 50 years. I guess they should have won by only 23 points then like Miami did over Southern Miss. Because that’s apparently good enough to jump you several places in the polls but not if you win by 66 points.

Utah should have played well enough the week before to beat what appears to be a good but not elite Florida team.


They didn’t play Florida yesterday. So, they’re being punished because a team they didn’t play yesterday lost to another team they didn’t play yesterday. As if they have some control over what other teams do. And another thing. Florida had the entire off-season to prepare for Utah. Utah had zero game film to prepare for Florida because they had a brand new coaching staff. The difference is that Kentucky DID have game film to prepare for against Florida (thanks to Utah). And Florida only had a week to prepare for them, not an entire off season. Kinda not the same situation. And they did play well enough. They just happened to make a mistake on their final drive that cost them the game. People are acting like Utah got dominated by Florida or something. They didn’t. They lost by 3 points.


Just because the score was ridiculous doesn’t mean what we did was special and deserving any consideration. Beating a team you are supposed to beat is an expectation. Beating a glorified HS team like a drum is also an expectation. We did exactly what we should’ve done- nothing more, nothing less.

As the polls mean nothing until week 9, where we are ranked at this moment is a big nothing burger. Hand out a beat down like the one we handed down this week to SDSU and “maybe” we move up. All we can do is win. Everything else is out of our control.



Speaking of San Diego State, what are your score predictions for the game? I predict Utah to win going away. Like, 45-17. This SDSU team is not as good as they were last year. They lost at home to Arizona. They will probably put up more resistance than Southern Utah did, but I still expect Utah to crush them. There is no stopping Utah’s offense this year. This might be their most talented overall offense ever. With that ridiculous win over SUU, Utah’s now averaging 49.5 points per game. I expect them to average over 40 points per game for the entire season, which isn’t that much of a stretch, considering the fact that Utah led the Pac-12 in scoring offense last season. Utah might not have the best true wide receivers, but they really don’t actually need them right now. With how talented they are at running back and tight end, said players more than make up for Utah’s perceived weakness at WR. Brant Kuithe and Dalton Kincaid essentially are receivers at this point anyway. DeVaughn Vele is also pretty good, and Money Parks is actually emerging as a pretty good player. He had a sneaky good game against SUU. Also don’t forget Micah Bernard, who is an exceptional receiver coming out of the backfield. The reason why Rising targets Kincaid and Kuithe so much is because they are simply nationally elite receiving tight ends. They’re the most talented tight end combo Utah has EVER had. Kincaid and Kuithe truly are the #1 receivers on this team. They are a match up nightmare for the opposition. If the defense continues to improve, which I expect them to because they have to face this ridiculously good offense every week in practice, this Utah team is gonna be simply a major nightmare for virtually every team they face on a week to week basis. Everybody’s falling over themselves watching USC’s offense. Well, Utah’s offense might actually be BETTER than USC’s offense is. They have Caleb Williams, Travis Dye, and Jordan Addison . But Utah has Cam Rising, Tavion Thomas, Chris Curry, Jaylon Glover, Micah Bernard, Brant Kuithe, Dalton Kincaid, DeVaughn Vele, Money Parks, etc. Utah’s offense is more talented overall.


Florida losing to Kentucky took the shine off its win over us, even though Kentucky was ranked 20th going into the game. It made our loss look worse. Truth is, we have a history of being ranked highly and then being exposed. So we need to keep winning. It would be nice if Florida kept winning,


I noted somewhere last week (may or may not have been here) that blowing out an FCS team would not really impress many people. Utah has to do well against good opponents. We’ll have that chance against USC, Oregon State (who helped the PAC with a thrilling gridiron equivalent of a buzzer beater), Wazzou (great road victory at Wisconsin), and others. Florida losing at home to the Wildcats did us no favors of course.

Lot of football left to play starting with the Aztecs Saturday night.