I guess I'll broach the subject

Will football season. be cancelled?

I think there’s a good chance.

And if it somehow isn’t, who will be in a financial position to afford tickets?

Priority wise football attendance is gonna take a backseat to paying rent or mortgage, food, transportation. . .

And looking further, how will this affect stadium rebuild?

People need jobs, and that provides work, but how will it be paid for?

I wish I weren’t so pessimistic, but I see real bad times coming, real soon.

This is far worse than 08


I’m afraid you’re right, Duhwayne. This is probably going to be a cultural game changer with a lot of economic uncertainty.

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I think by then people will be clamoring for some sports entertainment, even if it’s games in empty stadiums.

The extreme measures being taken now will either be paying off and there will be some relaxed, but not unlimited social situations permitted, but more likely most of the population will not have contracted CV19, so the new normal will still be prevalent.

Hard for me to imagine that a full stadium will be allowed by FB season. They can test the team & staff and the officials and the media folks.

We’ll just watch all the games on TV.

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The mass quarantine has a limit that can not reach into the summer. It is sobering but economics will be balanced with public safety, otherwise, log ago we would have been spending whatever it takes to cut deaths from other causes. At some point it is more effective to quarantine high risk folks and send others back to school and work. Our leadership will always struggle to stop short of the most aggressive recommendation offered by the healthcare folks in the room. When we balance health risks and economics, I dread that it will be our biggest political test yet. Oddly, countries I most dislike, have a clear advantage over us as it relates to getting that done. Let’s hope we listen to the most rational folks in the room.
I think FB will be back in the fall and I am still hopeful that spring practice makeup will be allowed by June. However, the summer and start of FB will be the eye of the storm and as next years flu season gets started in October, there will be uncertainty. I think.

Say what? No way. That is 5 months from now. No way lock down lasts that long, not even half as long.

Honestly it’s hard to imagine college football happening this year. Maybe pro too. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

Me too.

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It’s interesting to see the government throw so much money at this, and we’re really just getting started. I don’t know if there’s not any real pushback because the GOP is supporting it all, or because consumers will actually be seeing some bailout money this goaround. This isn’t a political post, just observing and pondering.

I can honestly see this changing our economic system forever.

That may be the desired outcome, at least for some. Many or even most small to mid size businesses will die if the shut down lasts very long. Cash is being rejected by big corporates. Maybe that’s a good thing for the virus, and in general. Cash has inefficencies and downsides. Total lack of cash as a form of payment would also have its downsides.

Perhaps the dollar or some other new currency emerges as the global currency as a result of this.

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We were taking bid requests on the SEZ expansion Friday. Saw the plans and everything. The entire supply chain to construction can be managed in smaller groups of less than ten. If the demand turns to household insulin then they have no choice.

My point is construction jobs are steady because there isn’t a ton of face to face interaction. The problem is new jobs, end users aren’t opening up new opportunities and everything is on hold.

Cut the revenue side, then lever up the government until there is “no choice” but to cut social security, pensions and government medical programs. God forbid we walk back the tax cuts. I hope I’m wrong but some of the people in power right now are fantasy driven sociopaths.