I expect this Ute defense to roll out of bed and smack someone today

Since losing to USC this defense has dialed up its focus, intensity and toughness. I feel like they want to make a statement the whole rest of the year and especially against washington. How could there be a letdown, especially knowing th history against this team? In fact I think the D will be extra juiced! I feel like if Utah loses it will be because th ball bounced a certain way, not because of a let down.

On the other side of the ball I’m beginning to get a man crush on Utah’s massive O-line that wears teams down throughout the game. Umana the center is 340 lbs and the rest of the guys aren’t far off their except Daniels who come in like a feather at 305. If the O plays solid I like our chances.

Lastly, I have confidence in Ludwig as strange as that is to say, having him is a difference maker over every other year against Washington. I like our chances today to be the more dominant team.

I’m naturally pessimistic but curiously optimistic for today… Hoping for a strong performance from the O and the D