I don't watch many videos of Ute high school recruits, but decided to watch this clip (Isaac Wilson)

I never watched him play and for some reason thought he was kind of a finesse player, possessing a mostly nickel and dime passing arsenal with limited ability to really stretch the field, that was before I saw him drop this 60 yard bomb into the bucket.

Fast forward to the the 40 second mark of this video:

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His release and footwork have improved versus the other clips I have seen. He has better arm strength than Zach.

Practice and a year in the booth with Ludwig next season might get him where he needs to be to play P5 football.


He looks good in the clip though some of the passes would be potential INTs with the kind of elite CB play he will face in college.

He is a great prospect and I am glad to have him on board.

I hope he arrives with a measure of humility and work ethic that allows him to grow into the starting role physically and cognitively. He will face some stiff competition and we know some of these elite QB prospects get antsy if not handed the keys on day one. His brother walked into an empty QB room and faced an entirely different situation.

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About 56 yards in the air…nice.