I can’t decide who I hate more, USU fans or BYU fans

Stupid Aggies. Hate them so much.

Well, one set doesn’t matter to us, and the others have a cow as their mascot. So, none of the above.


I just can’t stand the you’re scurried to play us.

One school pretends they are the greatest program in the history of college football.

The other…annually has half a dozen male students get their junk stuck to the bull statue as they attempt to go “Ultimate Aggie.”


As someone who has visited Provo and Logan many times to cheer for the Utes and had my share of interactions of fans from both schools when they visit Salt Lake, I rather dislike one fan base, but quite like the other.

No contest


That’s VERY easy; BYU fans! No contest, never will be!



Oh please. Why would you let Aggies into your head? I’ve spent exactly as much time as it takes to write this thinking about USU. Just root against them, and move on.


I know some Aggies.

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I can’t believe that’s even a question. BYU without a doubt. I get a kick out of the devil may care attitude of the USU fans, but then I recall going to a couple of National Tequila Day football games up there back in the day. What a fun student section that was.


The weird thing about Aggie fans, at least online, is that they think the Aggies are the greatest. In person they all seem to agree that USU is a middling program in a conference nobody pays attention to. On-line they act like they dominate when it matters. Weird.

byu fans are much worse, but at least when their grandfathers were going to byu, byu was good.

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Why should we care about USU and BYU fans? Their programs are not relevant to UofU success. ASU and UO fans alone are enough to keep us busy despising fan groups.


THIS is the truth! ASU particularly…


ASU fans seem hostile. One time visiting the in-laws (who live in Apache Junction about 40 miles east of Phoenix) my brother-in-law and I went to the Zona-ASU game in Tempe (while all the women went shopping, a no brainer). Not cheering for either team, just enjoying the warm Arizona weather (was Thanksgiving weekend).

Well the visiting Wildcats had a comfortable win and a few ASU fans in our area were really angry, cursing, yelling, more cursing, and it was probably good that no Zona fans were nearby.

End of the game was fun as some Zona players did a war dance on the Sparky logo at midfield which ignited a huge brawl with about a dozen on each side throwing punches. Wild stuff.

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