I am going to the Baylor game. . . Need ideas

So it looks like I am going to be heading to Waco for the weekend of Utah @ Baylor. I am definitely going to the game, and I will definitely be forced to go to Magnolia. But I would love additional ideas. Thanks in advance.

FYI - I will be wearing crimson.

There’s a Buccee’s in Temple, some people make a big deal out of those (It’s just a big gas station with better than average food…)

Other than that maybe the Texas Rangers or Dr. Pepper Museums?

Lived in Austin but never really visited Waco so Narfute’s suggestions seem like where I would start. Apparently there is a Mammoth National Monument, so pretty unique (went to one in South Dakota and was pretty cool). The Texas sports hall of fame is there. You could check out Branch Dividian memorial park (if you watched the Netflix thing).

Re: Buccees - went for the first time a couple weeks ago. Spend 2 hours and over $200, but now everyone has a buccees swimsuit and we had brisket/chicken sandwiches, sodas, snacks, and I got some Texas sports stuff for my man-cave.

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Will stop at Buccee’s in temple to Supercharge. Thanks. What about this Georgetown Caverns? Kalahari resorts? Other stuff to do in Austin area?

My daughter and a lot of my money went to Baylor. She graduated in 2020. Unsurprisingly, there’s not a lot to do in Waco and even if you’re “forced” to go to Magnolia your man-card should be suspended for at least 60 days.

Walking along the banks of the Brazos in town can burn some time and there is good BBQ everywhere along with a vibrant food truck scene. Also, walk around campus as it is stunningly beautiful. Same architecture as Main Street Disneyland (the OG). The best hotel in town is the Indigo and the best college dive bar in Texas is located in Waco; Scruffs.

FWIW, no one cares what team shirt you wear there.



The Branch Dividian Park is at least a 45 minute drive outside of Waco and not worth the time. Not sure why Waco gets the blame as it didn’t happen there.


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Visit Waco for the game, spend your time in Austin, where there is tons to do. 6th Street has lots of live music. Great restaurants - full city scene. Go out on the Congress Avenue Bridge at sundown to see millions of bats fly out is a trip (disclaimer - I’ve been there when it was full effect and another time when not a crazy amount of bats fly out… it varies).

But yeah, other than the college (which wouldn’t be a P5 college were it not for Ann Richards insisting it be included in the Big12 with the other Texas schools) there isn’t much to see or do in Waco. In fact, it was always kind of considered a… uh… truck stop :wink: … until Chip and Joanna Gaines showed up.

Seriously though, think Logan… what would you tell someone to do if they were visiting USU? Go to the game and then head to SLC.

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haha. just kidding about Branch Dividian. Would totally be a waste of time.

Austin - you can visit the state capital, go to Barton Springs, kayak on the river right there (Zilker park), walk around UT, wait in line for Franklin BBQ (good, but I still prefer Lockhart - Smitty’s, but Kruetz and Blacks are good), go to original Alamo drafthouse.

A little further south is Natural Bridges Wildlife - a drive through safari. If you have kids with you, it’s really fun. Schlitterbahn (if open) in New Braunfels is great. San Antonio: Alamo, Riverwalk, various missions are good if you’ve never been.

Also, Cooper’s BBQ in Llano is awesome. They even have goat. And their pecan cobbler is the best. Louie Mueller in Taylor is great, esp. the beef rib.

Edit: Oh, right near there is Czech Stop. Best Kolaches around (sweet and savory). Don’t blame me if you get fat.

Yes, Austin if you have the time but it’s also a 2-hour drive one-way.

Outside of the Metroplex, I went to San Angelo once. Went to help my brother move from there to Ft. Lewis.

Longest day of driving to finally leave a state I have ever done.

Not a whole lot of “exciting” things to do in Waco. I would suggest finding one of their fan or alumni boards and ask them. When we lived in Austin and needed to go to the metroplex, Waco was just a gas station stop on the way to/from Austin.

It isn’t 1990 and Waco has a ton more to do now than it did then.

Not counting all that Magnolia stuff you have…

1.) Cameron Park Zoo is the best zoo between DFW and San Anotonio and is bigger than the zoo in SLC

2.) Cameron Park for hiking, biking, or kayaking is as good as any in Austin with 1/10 the crowds. Obviously hiking on the I-35 corridor is going to be really lame compared to the hiking around SLC and I’d expect temps to be 95ish on gameday so sticking to river activities may be better

3.) Waco Mammoth National Monument - one of the newest parks in the country

4.) Texas Sports Hall of Fame - Has a great new exhibit on football in the SWC and is right by the stadium near Baylor’s Law School

5.) Texas Ranger Hall of Fame - If you are so inclined for some interesting history both good and bad in the borderlands. Is also right by the stadium and hosts events on gamedays.

6.) Dr Pepper Museum - Was created in Waco and is pretty interesting and has an old school soda fountain too.

Now that’s plenty to do in a football weekend, but if you have the time do not sleep on Austin at all as it’s a destination in and of itself. It’s all interstate from Waco too and I usually can get from my house in Waco to Austin FC’s stadium in about 1 hour and 10 minutes so it’s an easy trip to see an up-and-coming center of culture. One thing I’d look at doing for a “unique Texas” thing would be to make the 2 hour drive passed Autin to San Marcos (Texas State University) and float the San Marcos River in an innertube with plenty of beer. It’ll be really hot on gameday and nothing beats floating the river in the summer.

If you need any Waco or Austin food recs let me know and I’d be happy to help.

I had images attached but apparently being a new account I can’t link them.


Food wise I have to recommend The Salt Lick. It’s a little south of Austin, in Driftwood, but they’re really good. https://saltlickbbq.com/

For just some fun, Chuy’s was enjoyable, not great, but enjoyable. https://www.chuys.com/ Hmm they’ve expanded their locations.

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Yeah Salt Lick isn’t the best, but it’s a great experience in a good location. In Waco there are two Top 100 TM BBQ places in Guess and Helberg (I like Helburg but bring your wallet). Austin of course has a ton of them.

I would skip Chuy’s but there is a location in Waco so you wouldn’t have to drive to Austin to go to one. Austin isn’t a great TexMex town compared to how it is with BBQ and New American.

Chuy’s was just enjoyable. Nothing special about it, even back in 2000/2001/2002 when when we lived in Austin.

Sad to hear that Salt Lick isn’t great anymore. But I love to try those places you mentioned. I miss TX BBQ at times.

I don’t think the Salt Lick has gotten worse, but rather Texas BBQ in general has become much more artisanal and the quality has improved. Austin (and surrounding towns) is really the starting point of that as it expanded to the rest of the state.

I don’t think anyone from Utah would complain about the quality of food at Salt Lick, just like I go to Memphis and eat at Central BBQ. It probably isn’t the best in town anymore, but it’s good enough for my Texas tastebuds.

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That’s a good sign in that Salt Lick is still good, but everyone else has gotten better.

We could go on about BBQ. The various regional styles are interesting, except Carolina which isn’t BBQ regardless of what locals like to say. But that’s a discussion for another time or thread.

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The Dr Pepper Museum if you are a DP fan is fantastic. Hats off to the greatest drink given to man.

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Sumatra blend coffee is the greatest drink! You can have it either post Civet or sans Civet. :wink:


Is sans civet considered de-crapinated ?