I am glad we are on the road this week because

Being a man of a certain age, it’s time again for a special sort of fun.

It you want to know if you need to have this fun, here is the test.

If you actually used and had 8-tracks, you are a candidate for this fun.
If you know what a Betamax is, you are a candidate for this fun.
If you owned and used a computer with an 8088 microprocessor, used Lotus 123, Dbase III, and printed using a 9-pin dot matrix printer, you are a candidate for this fun.

If you remember watching a movie on a video disk the size of an LP record, you are a candidate for this fun.

If you graduated from high school in 1987 or earlier, you are a candidate for this fun.

The only way this gets more fun is if you have a family history of the BIG C. Then you get to have this fun ever 5 years.

Getting old sucks.

Sounds like fun. :wink: not as much fun as pounding the Beavers. :joy:

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Pounding the beavers is always best.

Greg, are you getting the Roto-Rooter or the finger wave (or both)? Either way, good luck to you!

Scoping both ends.

Nothing like losing an Uncle to stomach cancer and one to colorectal cancer.

Not to mention losing both parents to lung cancer.

Whoever said 50 is the new 30 is full of ■■■■!!! It’s 50!!!


I’ve had to have both of those scopes. One time they found something bad. Here’s hoping yours is clean on both ends.

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Sending good vibes Greg!!!


I graduated high school in '88, does that count? As for the “fun” you are alluding to, I’ve been having that “fun” since the summer of 2001, about every 3 years. Not for the big C, which did kill a cousin but for other medical reasons. Hope your adventure is easy, and the prep is tolerable.

Good luck. Don’t blow too much noise toward your doc.


Went through that a few months ago. The “prep” isn’t fun at all of course. Luckily the procedure found nothing very threatening.

I have to admit, I’ve never had an issue with the prep. But, then again, I don’t mind them in general because, y’know, my doctor is kinda hot.



It’s the fiesta that goes on in one’s belly that makes the process so fun! My attitude was just to laugh about the overall ridiculousness of the situation.

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