Huskies at 2

GO UTES!!! Muzzle the Huskies!!!

Game is on ESPNU.

Martinez and Thioune both getting early minutes, while neither got much against WSU.

You post that pic and makes me want to pull for the Huskies. No fair

Huskies are shooting lights out. I feel like we are defending well, but they are hitting tough, contested shots.

Whichever team cools off first will fall behind.

We are going to be really good next year, I’m excited to see what Larsson and Martinez will do with more experience.

Timmy 3 rebounds away from a triple double.

Bagghhhh, now Timmy making more progress on the third double to be turnovers instead.

Interesting that Martinez is in during crunch time instead of Plummer.

And he panicked and gave the ball away in a tie game with 1 minute left. Should have been Plummer out there

Turnovers will be our downfall this game.

That and givign up a ton of open 3 pointers.

Well, I’d say this is another that qualifies as a choke.


Not even close, Washington couldn’t miss, that happens on the road against a conference opponent. It’s like the Larry haters have never watched P5 ball.

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I had meetings to attend and missed the whole thing. I guess I’ll read about it in the Trib. I’m not sorry I missed it.

it was generous of us to give UW their 2nd conference win. They may not get another.

This happens? In nearly every game a team plays??? NOPE. It happens once a season or so to half decent teams (giving up a double digit lead and ultimately losing the game). For Utah, it happens… a lot. A lot a lot.

You keep bringing up the fact that Larry brought this team out of the cellar of college basketball, which is true. He did in fact make this team/program better. He deserved credit for that, and he was handsomely rewarded monetarily. Since then however, the team/program have been in a steady, measurable decline (a point that you have repeatedly failed to address in your posts presumably because you know you can’t troll your way around it).

The team was bad, then it was mediocre, then it was pretty good, then it was good/great, then it was pretty good, then it was mediocre, and now it’s bad again. Time to move on. I think if Larry was given truth serum he would absolutely agree with me. He doesn’t want to be here any more than the fans want him to be here.

It’s a cut throat business. First off you have to win. A lot. Then you have to win without being sanctioned. Finally you have to win without being sanctioned and graduate your players.

First, For those that don’t transfer I think he does a good job of getting these kids their degrees. IDK maybe someone has data that suggests otherwise? Larry does a great job of running a clean program. The problem is he doesn’t win like one of the highest paid coaches in the country. For this, he’ll lose his job soon.

Too bad. I like the guy and would love him to succeed at the level he’s paid.

On a side note, what a bargain basement steal Mark Few has been for Gonzaga. Still makes less than Krystko.


Larry may take another job at some point but he’s not getting fired.