Huntley is MVP

There’s not really a conference level award for MVP. Just OPOY and DPOY etc… but if there was I think it’s TH. He’s so incredibly valuable to this team. I cannot imagine we would be able to win the division without him this year. After he was hurt it was obvious our offense was mostly inept. As legendary as Moss is, Huntley is our most important player. I am on pins and needles waiting for news about his health. Even cal will be tough with him.

If Snoop plays, his mobility will be limited. He was a warrior after his injury. Hopefully Lisk can get 1st team reps and be prepared if he’s called on. I’m curious to see how Ludwig adjusts play calling to suit Lisk’s skill set if he’s called on.

Cal has a tough, stingy defense. They got beat yesterday. They’ll be looking to make amends. Utes O-block needs to step it up and control the LOS better against Cal.

I expect to see Utes Defense create turnovers if Modster starts for Cal. The 3rd string guy is a better passer, but not as mobile.

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Why did they go with Lisk over Shelley? I thought Shelley was #2?

Kyle said again last night Lisk is number two and has been since Fall.

He also said psit game that subbing Lisk for Snoop in 2nd quarter was right call, and putting Shelly in 4th for running was also right. Shelly is better runner, Lisk better with the rest of the Offense.

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