Hundreds of midfield seats available on OSU side

They must have not filled their allotment and gave tickets to the U. There are hundreds of midfield seats available in the west side - the whole block from rows 65 to the top. Also, all of Sections 12 and 13 from rows 13 and up are available.

Good chance for U fans to pick up some good seats

Sections 17 and 18 as well. After my number finally came up to get them through the U we’re going to stand pat with the seats we bought via OSU. Sure, we don’t know the section or row yet, but we bought early in the week and the price is higher than the $185/each that we can get through the U but lower than the max, so we’re betting they’re going to be pretty good seats.

It’s obvious at this point the Rose Bowl is going to be filled with Utah Crimson on Jan. 1.

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Don’t forget the MUSS!
Wonder where they’re gonna put 500 screaming psychopaths.