How will the Utes finish the season?

At the beginning of the season, I pretty much penciled in wins against ASU, UA and CU. The pessimist that I am is now looking more closely and if I were a betting man, I think they go 2-2, with losses to UW and UA.

ASU has played several close games and has been playing very hard. They rank 18 nationally in run defense giving up 104 per game and 3.52 per carry. That is only 10 yards per game more than Oregon. They rank 52 in pass efficiency defense. The Utes rank 32 in that category. Offensively, they rush for 111 and pass for 252, almost 100 more per game then the Utes. ASU has the advantage 6-5 in the PAC 12 era.

UW - I don’t think the Utes have a chance.

UA - UA is definitely on the upswing. They rank 17 nationally in run defense giving up 100 yards per game and 3.21 per carry (which is a hair better than Utah a 3.26 per carry). UA ranks 80 in pass efficiency defense. Offensively, the Wildcats run for 155 per game and 4.75 per carry (also slightly ahead of Utah’s 4.01. They are ranked 24 in passing at 286 per game.

CU - The Utes should win this.

Both ASU and UA play tough against the run and not as tough against the pass. Unfortunately, Utah has not been able to pass the ball with any consistency and I doubt that will change.

I’m thinking 2-2. Hoping for 3-1. But could easily be 1-3.


1-3. Wouldn’t surprise me if we go 0-4.

Same. I’m thinking we probably take both home games (ASU close, CU handily), but drop both away (UW by a lot, AZ close).

That said, if you would have shown me our list of injuries and the strength of the conference before the season and asked me to predict a final record, I probably would have probably said 4-8 or 5-7 so…


My guess is 2-2, with 3-1 being the best. The losses that I see, UW and UA.

If the offense shows up and is effective, we go 3-1

If the offense doesn’t show up, we go 1-3 or 0-4.