How to watch? I don't have pac12network. Anyone streaming the game?

I really want to watch the game.

Sling has the PAC-12 Network. I’m watching the game there now.

A reminder for other folks who subscribe to Sling to during College Football season…

I subscribe to Sling Orange with the Sports Extra, which gives me ESPN channels and PAC12 channels. However, Orange does NOT have FS1, which will be airing the Ute game this evening.

If you’re in a similar situation, Sling allows you to change from Orange to Blue (which does not have ESPN channels, but does have FS1), and change back at will with no penalty. You do have to be careful to make sure that all of your other options remain the same, so your priced does not change. If you do so, the change is in place within a minute or two.

Go UTEs!



You can sign up and cancel 2x without paying. The 3rd time you are committed. Best inadvertent mistake I ever made.


There used to be some guy named Snowute or something that would put on Twitch. I do not have twitch I am an old man. I just wanna watch my Utah Utes.

fubo does not have it this week. It looks like it is P12 Network only. I’m hoping someone will stream for us.

copyright issues are why Utestuckinseattle doesn’t do live stream anymore.

Well someone has to grab the bull by the horns and do it. This sucks! I hate Pac12network. I am not subscribing to watch 2 games a year.
PM me if there is a live stream you find. Thanks.

Aren’t there any Sports Bars in your area ? Excuse the question if you live in Provo.

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And, heaven forbid you live in Provo, because even the ice cream shops that have TVs won’t be showing the Ute game :slight_smile:

Like I said, copyright issues keep the games from being streamed. You’re choices are subscribe or find a sportsbar with PAC12 networks.