How to Ignore Someone Here

I never ignore anybody here (unless they are chronic rule violators, as we usually just ban them). We did nuke one super-duper BYU fan who was chortling here about how cool it would be if the Utes’ first Rose Bowl game were cancelled due to COVID. That o ne deserved capital cyber-punishment.

Anyway, if you have simply had enough of someone and would like to break a break from them for a short period or a long one, here are the steps:

1. Click on their icon, and you get this:


  1. Click here:


3. Then here:


4. then here, where you get your choices as to how much of a break you want:


I hope no one ever needs to use this, but here is the way.

Using it today! Thanks!

I remember this board back when Webmonkey still ran it and he implemented a process where unpleasant posters could literally be turned into trolls and their postings would become ranting gibberish.


I had forgotten that. Those were pretty funny at times.

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Looks around…shrugs But mine were referred to as ranting gibberish on more than one occasion. :wink:


Yeah, I wish we had that capability. Happily, we have very few true trolls showing up here.

When we do get one I like to replace their avatar with a small version of this:

They don’t like it.


You ignored LAUte, didn’t you?


He can’t see your post.


People don’t need software in order to ignore me here. They already do it regularly.


I used to post frequently and follow BlockU. Then it was acquired by SB Nation (I think), and you could no longer use the F-bomb, you couldn’t criticize Whittingham (yes, there are reasons to criticize him), and more steenkeen roolz. I quit, and found this place.

I don’t use the F-bomb, I occasionally criticize Whittingham (when he deserves it), and other than that, it’s all good.

I love this place for a lot of reasons, but one is that we discuss other sports (like WBB and gymnastics), so it’s all good.

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