How the mighty have fallen - Lumpy's?

I will admit I have not been there in years. Well, I stopped by for some Monday night football last Monday and I couldn’t believe my eyes. To start they have remodeled the place only usually when you remodel it looks better. The place was horrid looking and bright. They forgot to turn on the outside sign, so I let them know. The menu is 1/4 of what it used to be. The place had about 12 people in it, most of them playing cards downstairs.

Won’t be long before this icon closes I’m afraid.

Bummer ! I had a beer with Ronnie Mac there after the 34-31 victory over the Poo poos

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We used to meet there to discuss recruiting during the Ronnie Mac days. Urban’s first recruiting class was celebrated downstairs with film clips of each signed recruit. For that event, you couldn’t shoehorn another person in.

Everything has its time. Still missing Bill and Nada’s for the late night downtown breakfast run.


I’m glad Lumpy got out when the getting was good. He’s a great Ute.


I’m trying to recall, wasn’t there some weirdness that went down at Lumpys a few years back? Do they still do the fun bus to and from the games?

Fun bus? Pangloss used to do that in the old days. Ask him. Has he signed up for this site?

^ Right above you ^

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I never pay attention.

I went to Lumpy’s one time to watch the Utes play a day game in the NCAA tournament. Mike McCoy was working as a bar tender. It was a year or two after he finished at the U and he was trying to get on with an NFL team. He served me a Sprite while I watched the game.

I tell my kids that an NFL head coach served me a drink in a bar.


Oh yes. I took the “fun bus” once to Utah State. It had the bumpiest ride I’ve ever experienced. Unlimited beer and shaking for hours is not a good combo - trust me on that one.

Lumpy, Al Sante, was from Price and an old friend of Cheeks. He used to run a bus to the games and to the provo or Logan games, They were great fun.

He hired quite a few former & current players

He sold it a while ago and flew south.

Last bus I took was from Poplar Street Pub. Several years ago now. Lumpy’s was closed last time I stopped by a few months ago while in town.