How many of y’all are going to the Utah State game?

I’ll be there! Sorry. Not much else to talk about

I’d hope that we always get a good showing in Logan.

Thoughts -

  • The Aggies will have played a game at a Big Ten school the Saturday prior, so bruised and a possible chip on the shoulder?

  • Depending on the result of the Baylor contest, our Utes might be caught looking ahead to Stillwater in this game.

Since I’m in Denver, no.

  • Will go to @CU
  • Was hoping to go to @UCF with 2 cousins that went there and are still in FL (and my parents spending more and more of their time there), but with it being Thanksgiving and my Anniversary weekend (my fault!), just wasn’t tenable.
  • Also thought about @ASU with a sister in PHX, but it’s my kids’ spring break and just getting back from a big trip, so might see if Utah makes the Fiesta Bowl
  • Starting to think about booking Big12 championship hoping we’ll be top 2

Great trip that I’ve made many times, pretty drive through Sardine Canyon, nice view of the Cache Valley, and Logan fans are infinitely more friendly than many of the fans in Provo are.

Sadly I’m on call that weekend and the only way to switch shifts would be to change my coverage to a weekend with a home game so will have to miss out on this one.


If you drive up, remember to keep your speed down when you are in the Mantua Robocop’s territory.


Y’all is singular. All y’all is plural. :rofl:


Y’all I’d the second biggest word in the language behind IF. :joy::joy::joy:

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I wanted to go , but couldnt find anyone responding to my queries about a ride up and back. Not sure if the CC even s others with such trivialities, but 10-15 years I remember meeting at Univ. park hotel and bussing up there. I really wanted to go, since it has been over a decade since we even played them.

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INCORRECT: My Alabamian mother was very clear on this matter… it is bad form to ever use y’all for one person… since it is an effective contraction of “you all” - “All of you”.

There is no particular problem with “all y’all” because it is merely reinforcing, especially for those who may not know about y’all usage.

It is wild to hear people in Europe using it now!

Strunk and White are rolling over in their graves at this discussion.

The more you know


I always enjoyed trips to Logan and plan to go this year. When does USU single game tickets go on sale?

Single game tickets will be available at a later date. Check back for more information.

USU ticket site

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