How Long till the NFL is cancelled?

With Titans and now Cam Newton positive are we seeing the beginning of the end? I give it 4 more weeks.

Baseball started very similarly, with little outbreaks on a handful of teams, and they overcame it. Of course, postponing a few games in baseball is less significant than in football.

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Yeah but it’s also rising in the general population. Plus, Chiefs schedule:

Tuesday: Patriots
Sunday: Raiders
Thursday: at Bills

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At this point, I kinda want to encourage the “spread”. No suffering, no learning.

Purportedly, IQ45 went to a fund-raiser after testing positive – spread and let it fly.


He went to the fundraiser after knowing that Hope Hicks had tested positive. And he had been around Hope Hicks. So now, all of those folks who paid $250k to be at that fundraiser are mad as hell.