How high would Utah jump in the rankings w/

A win over Oregon on Saturday? They’d be 8-3 (7-1) with a Top 5 win. I doubt they’d jump into the Top 10, but I think a win like that would jump them to around 12 or 13. I think they’d be the highest ranked 3-loss team w/out question though.

My view: should Utah beat Oregon this weekend, it will impact Oregon more than Utah in rankings. They drop to 10 to 12, Utah moves up to maybe 19, a five slot jump. Of course, this also depends on how the other ranked teams do, particularly those ranked below 15.


Yep. Oregon will plummet.

(SEC rant): If this same scenario were in the SEC, Oregon would drop to number 4, and Utah would rise to number 11.


A top 5 win would be good, and 2 of our 3 losses are to top 25 (14, 19) teams. BUT,

  • Wisconsin has SOS 12 (even though their best win is either Iowa or Purdue [who has 2 top 5 wins, but 4 losses]) - I guess they have ‘good losses’? (not really, they lost big to some ranked teams)
  • Texas A&M beat Alabama and only lost to the Mississippis and Ark (all current top 25 teams)
  • Arkansas beat Texas A&M (see above), but they play Alabama this week, so another loss is likely
  • We’d probably jump NC State

All in jest - I think that our ceiling with a win is teens (~15-18ish) depending on what happens above us and Oregon drops like OU to 10ish, setting that up for the CCG. An 8-3 ASU could creep into the top 25 with a win over Oregon St. (I hope they lose though).

This week, either Mich St. (more likely) or Ohio St. will drop with their 2nd loss but both stay above us. Arkansas drops out with a loss to Alabama. Any other movement would be due to an upset loss. Half of SEC is patsy week.

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Yeah, it sure seems that would be the case. It’d make you wonder if the talking heads ever check their premises when the results they get are unexpected.

I want Oregon State to beat ASU. The game is in Corvalis, going to be very competitive game, requiring the best performance by OSU to best the Sun Devils. An ASU loss means Utah clinches the South Division. The drawback from that scenario is the level of focus by the Utes going into the Colorado game. We all want that level of focus to be laser sharp. And that also depends on how the Utes do this Saturday.

No idea what to expect from Utah this weekend. Clearly, this game will be their biggest most important contest of the season. But the same if not more can be said of Oregon. Oregon will be prepared, I have no doubts about that. They have the CFP as their prize. The question really comes down to how well Utah has scouted Oregon, whether the players are mentally prepared for the battle, and have all of the necessary parts to field its best team. IMHO, the Utes will have to play an inspired game to win, something I believe they can do. Oregon can be defeated. Will Utah show up to make that happen?

Assuming Utah beats Oregon, then beats Colorado, the Utes will face Oregon again on Friday, December 3 in Las Vegas. The prior loss to Utah means that Oregon was denied a shot at the CFP, the conference title is on the line, and a Rose Bowl bid. That is a ton of motivation for Oregon. Even if the scenario were reversed, that Oregon beats Utah this weekend, I think it will be a super challenge for either team to win this match up twice. Could be very wrong on that, but odds on, I think its a long shot.

I’d like to say that my confidence level in Utah is so high, I’m not concerned about this win. And Utah wins both contests. But I’d be lying if I said I am that confident.

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I am just excited to attend what I expect will be a home game atmosphere on par or better than best games ever hosted at RES.


Let’s address this because Oregon would be getting loss #2. In 2019 Alabama was the #1 team and lost to #2 LSU by 5 points. They dropped from #1 to #4. After they lost to a Top 15 Auburn by 3 points they were ranked 11. So, two Top 25 losses by 8 points compared to Oregon which has already lost to an unranked team by 7… So you believe they shouldn’t drop below 12 or even 15 if they lose to the Utes?

Crossing my fingers that I will be able to go Saturday. Daughter lost her sense of taste and smell. Getting a rapid test (today) and the other test tomorrow. If she is positive for COVID, my attendance for the next two games may be no bueno. :cry:


To the question, if we win Saturday we do move…up to like 18. That noted PKU and the PAC 12 will be out of the CFP discussion (again).


For those people who are conflicted about whether we want a Utah win on Saturday or the Ducks (THE DUCKS!!!) in the playoffs, I invite you to join

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I want Utah to win BOTH games against the Ducks, the game against the Buffs, and to kick the ever-loving hell out of a B1G team in the Rose Bowl.



I was going to, but that link didn’t lead there, so I gave you up. You let me down. I turned around and hurt you.

Sorry to hear. I can’t give you a star for that bad news but I will add you to my prayer list. The Almighty will know where the blessing belongs. :cold_sweat:

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She did a rapid test today. It was negative. She will get the regular test tomorrow.

So far her biggest complaint was not being able to smell or taste the ham soup and cornbread I made for dinner. She said eating it was weird.


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