How good is Arizona with Tommy Lloyd?

they are currently up 22 at ASU. Sean Miller may have been holding this program back. As much as I hate to say it having a good Wildcat basketball team is good for the PAC12 (same with UCLA)

Pelle Larsson has had a tough season but he’s been good tonight 14 points and he’s perfect from the field

Now that Arizona doesn’t have Miller, I’m ok with them. ASU on the other hand, still has Hurley, who has to be the biggest whiner I’ve ever seen. So, I’m glad Zona won.


Sounds like they really got penalized for cheating. Glad we didn’t do the same.


@Redblood makes a good point… Arizona has suffered no consequences while allowing for a culture of rampant cheating. It may be good for the conference, but I’d much rather another school stepped up in basketball prominence. Arizona and ASU just prove you can cheat and nothing will happen.

And honestly - BYU had to vacate all of their wins because of Nick Emery going to Harry Potter World and driving a Jetta. Small potatoes compared to what was going on at Arizona.


it makes me wonder if the NCAA looks at it like, “eh they just started using the NIL a little earlier than everyone else?”

Should U of A get punished for breaking the rules? Yes, because Big Rick got hit by the NCAA for buying a kid a meal…before putting that kid on a plane to go home to bury his dad. That penalty was utter BS.

What the kitties did was Pony Excess type sh!t worthy of a penalty.


Does the NCAA even punish anyone anymore? USC was doing the same thing as Arizona yet their wiener neck coach is still on the bench.

Both programs should be punished but nothing is going to happen. It’s almost as if laws no longer matter in this country.