How does Utah approach the CU game?

OK, we’re a few days away from having to seriously think about this, but I was wondering something about the Colorado game. Utah has already clinched the South. There is also no chance of Utah playing in a better postseason game than the Rose Bowl. So, should Whit rest some of his starters against the Buffs? Would it make sense to hold out Thomas, Rising, Covey, Kuithe, Lloyd, and Bishop, for example? Or, do you want to keep up the momentum and go full-speed ahead against Colorado? I would be surprised to see whit do the former. Any thoughts?

I think you start everyone who is 100% healthy but pull some of them as soon as the game is under control (which it should be by halftime). While you don’t want to risk injuries, you absolutely want momentum and confidence going into the CCG.


This game concerns much like the Arizona game concerned me.

Fortunately, this time a loss won’t make any difference (in the standings).

I still want to win it though.


It’s basically BYU in 2018 part two. It’s a completely meaningless game. Well, sorta. Its only meaning is to keep Utah’s boosted ranking and our undefeated home season.


A CU win locks in at least the Alamo no matter what (if we lose, other teams besides Oregon are within 1 game and theoretically could be picked ahead of us and we could drop to Holiday bowl).

Play it like it’s any other game. Like UA, if someone is nursing an injury, hold them out. But don’t hold people out with fear of injury. That can happen anytime. But be reasonable and if there is a good lead, start pulling key personnel. And call plays that are ‘safer’. No Rising runs, etc.


The game matters. No one plays a Senior Day game looking at it like it doesn’t matter. At a minimum, it matters to the guys who are playing for the last time in RES; and you know they don’t want to go out on a losing note - especially to the 4:20 Buffs. The rest of the team will not want to let the seniors down. Unless we don’t prepare at all…

Utah 49
4:20 Buffs 10


With the possibility of playing Oregon, Washington St., or Oregon St. again in the CCG, they can practice and plan for CU without looking ahead. It’s a short week so Whitt should have them laser focused at sending the Seniors out strong and being 22% better and see how cleanly we can play.


I still remember our meltdown against the buffs that cost us our first south title. I want to beat them every year and never want them to think they can spoil our season again. And I don’t even loath them like I do USC and ASU. But no let down allowed. Must play like we are here to win it all (and we are)

Utah 42 CU 21


Seniors want to end their regular season with a win. If I were a senior, I’d be pretty upset if Whit decided to rest players on Senior Day.


All gas, no brakes.


If Utah beats CU they are guaranteed no worse then the second spot in the bowl pecking order. I don’t like to over explain things, but since you believe it’s meaningless, I will lay it out for you.

Utah wins CCG= Rose Bowl
Utah beats CU but loses the CCG=Alamo Bowl or NY6 at large(not likely but possible)
Utah loses to CU and loses CCG=Utah 7-2/ possibly 5 other teams at 6-3, with the bowl selection process as it is, who knows where that puts Utah?

It matters, don’t be ridiculous


In the postgame, Whit said there would be no change in approach. Obviously, I would like for the Utes to dominate like they did Oregon and allow some of the backups to get some valuable playing time.

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Great comments above, lots of considerations.

My take:

Hold out questionable guys.

Play all others as normal. The guys need the experience and they are beginning to peak.

Hope the Utes create enough of an advantage to play all other guys later in the game.

I expect the game to be tougher than expected. At least for a half.

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Yeah just like us the CU team is showing up the second half of the season. We crush them on paper but they will be pumped to play us. Ask Wyoming and USU how that can turn out if you get unfocused. And I think a loss on Friday would mess with our momentum for the Championship