How big a difference has Ludwig made this season?

There are many factors that have helped the Utes to be so successful this year, but I have to think Ludwig is among the biggest ones. This seems to be the first coherent, sustained and effective offense Utah has had during the PAC 12 era. Maybe since 2008 or even 2004. What say you all?

He seems to be as good as advertised: a master of using the talent he has instead of forcing new schemes or over rigidity

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Agreed. Huntley and Moss are both better as individuals than last year, the receiving corps is MUCH better, and the offense as a whole is a strength and keeps the defense off the field for long spells.

Ludwig took a lot of the heat after 2008 (undeservedly) by zoob converts whose only trick is to ■■■■■ about offense that isn’t scoring 70 points a game. I am glad Andy is back.


Big difference; huge!

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His play calling has been genius. People worry about slow starts, but really Ludwig is probing the defense and their tendencies, then he comes in with plays to torch it. It is great to have a Moss + Huntley combo to pull this off as they both keep the defense honest. Been a sheer pleasure to watch.

I hope we can win out and get a match-up against tOSU. I think this D can hold it’s own against anyone. No question that Moss can run against anyone and Huntley is more than capable to make a defense pay for trying to stop Moss. I honestly do not think that tOSU has played anyone worth a damn yet and all their tests are in front of them.