How are we looking at basketball Wednesday

How do we match up with TDS?

Need Carlson to be healthy. He’s a local player who understands the BYU-Utah rivalry.

But afraid we may have a rough go of it on Wednesday.

Childs is conveniently eligible just in time for this game. byu-provo is playing pretty well and they have a decent coach. I’m afraid things won’t go well for us.

We’re going to get beat by thirty. And it absolutely sickens me.

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They don’t need Childs to beat us. This looks to be Larry’s worst team since his 1st year. I am so depressed about hoops. How did we get to this point where we struggle with UC Davis and lose to Coastal Carolina and Tulane?

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Childs is conveniently eligible just in time for this game. byu-provo is playing pretty well and they have a decent coach. I’m afraid things won’t go well for us.

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My magic eight ball says “outlook not so good”.

Weird that I have a completely different take. I’m actually excited about this team. Yeah we are going to get piss-pounded several times this year. Yeah we’ll lose some games we have no biz losing, but we’ll also win some games we have no biz winning. Overall, results-wise, this will be a lackluster year. But I actually feel encouraged for the future now (player talent-wise).

That said, I’m going to be watching closely for game over game, month over month improvement. This is an area that has been a continual source of concern for me. It was always visible with Majerus, where you could see teams and individual players actually getting better. That’s seemed somewhat absent with Larry, however I’m open to the idea that it’s just more subtle because we have finished seasons fairly strong last few years, but it’s always been too little too late to make the dance.

Bottom line for me is this looks like a really decent core group with Carlson, Jones, Allen, Gach, Battin; in addition, Lahat seems pretty serviceable, as does Brenchley and Mikael. MVK is really big and doesn’t seem nearly as clumsy as Jace. I’m not sure there is much else to write home about, but if we could have hung on to Donnie, that would have been great. But since we didn’t, if we can keep this class around and add a couple high performers for next season, we could be in good shape. Pac is going to see a lot of really good players graduate this year too, which might really help our next year’s campaign.


I see more to be encouraged about than discouraged about with this team but we need to build some experience first. Chemistry looks good to me.

PAC-12 will be loaded this season (a LOT more quality wins than bad losses compared to recent years) so hopefully we’ll have a number of conference teams to cheer for next March. Utah will take some lumps in league play, and I’m afraid Wednesday’s outlook against a decent looking opponent who took third in Maui appears to be bleak.

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I’m glad that some of you can find the silver lining. That being said, we are a dismal team with a head coach that has serious trouble retaining his best players. We haven’t been to the tournament in quite a while and I’m not sure we even get a CBI invite this year. I’d be surprised if we saw the post season next year.

Many have serious doubts about Larry, and they are certainly founded. I would love to be pleasantly surprised, but the fact that we are BYUs doormat says a lot about where program is, including its trajectory.

I agree with Meso.

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I’m just hoping its close.

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We have been less than stellar in defending the three. They live and die by the three. If they’re hot, then we’re in trouble.