Horrible news out of Virginia

3 football University of Virginia players killed.

Absolutely horrific.

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We’ve been there - hearts go out to UVA


This is worse than awful, and it will end as always with the unanswerable “Why”.

Condolences to the victims and the UVA family.


Put in the week 11 thread, but probably belongs here instead

Super awful. I think I saw that 2 WR and a LB were killed, 2 more injured and I think the suspect was a former player that was still at the school (they had a lockdown on campus until around 10:30am as they were searching for him).

I hope Utah reaches out to UVA as we have an empathetic heart. I’m sure UVA and ACC will do some things like the PAC12 did for us (all teams had the 22 yard line in red, etc.). It’s times like this that show how much life is more important than the game these young adults are playing for their dreams and our entertainment.