Hopping the the Way Back Machine, sorta

Seems that the dude who dogged Lance Armstrong for years feels that LA’s punishment by USA Cycling is/was a bit excessive.

While I agree it was excessive, I also think that the punishment was punitive to scare away further cheating. Obviously that hasn’t happened, cheating is still there. Since the LA decision I can think of 3 or 4 amateurs who have received LONG or lifetime bans. I also think that LA’s lifetime ban has something to do with his abrasive personality, so punitive to slap down him because of who he is.

That all said, LA should have been punished. Dave Zabriskie is still the face of many of those who suffered at LA’s behest IMO. David Walsh, the reporter who dogged LA for so long is still an ■■■■■■■ too.

To bad what happened to Zabriskie. He grew up in the neighborhood I now live and his mom still lives here.

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I’d never looked at the baseball steroid issue from this perspective.

Interesting. Different sports, different audience sizes, same troublesome topic.