Hoping for some insider chatter regarding conference crap

I realize that thing’s are MUCH different than they were back in the early day’s of UFN and Utah in the Mtn West.
But we used to have people strongly tied to the University that seemed to always have a finger on the pulse, I had heard about the PAC10 invite months before it happened.
This go around has been radio silent, I hate to believe the University is just sitting back planning on piloting the SS PAC12 in to this iceberg then riding the ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Please somebody tell me they have a credible source that Utah at least has a plan…

I think this is the issue. None of us are sure the school has a plan. Harlan has been pretty good as AD, but he ain’t Chris Hill. We always knew Hill had a plan or a vision. I’m not so sure Harlan does. Hopefully I’m wrong, and Harlan has been doing his due diligence in case the SS PACxx finds that proverbial iceberg.

I sense Harlan has been a loyal soldier to the other PAC schools.

He called out the bogus rhetoric spread by the Big-12 consulting group & ecosystem. “Imagine my surprise to find I’m really in a meeting in Dallas when I’m pretty sure I’m in my kitchen in SLC”

Now the chemistry has changed, the rules of engagement are very different. I know KW has been clear eyed about things changing again, don’t know if that means there has been unofficial outreach.

Arizona’s President is in the PAC CEO group, I believe. Rumors about Oregon State next.

At this point it looks like the CU game in November here will be… intense.


All I know is that when I spoke to President Randall and Mark Harlan at an event on campus a couple of months ago they were confident that Utah was in a good spot for the long term. :person_shrugging:


I could see a two tier tihng going on: Randall is wicked smaht and completely buys into athletics as a key for the university. Alumni engagement, marketing, etc. His goals for the U are demanding, but achievable.

Chris Hill had a bunch of presidents, and the alignment and support of athletics may have varied a bit. Academics can be that way. Lip service.

After the LA schools surprised everyone, I could see an informal agreement for Harlan to do as much as possible to support the PAC while Randall works the channels at his level, with the biggest donors we have. (Remember, the Imagine U fundraising program tripled its goal of $1B.)

I have a hard time envisioning Taylor Randall being caught flat-footed… twice, not after the LA schools lied to everyone and then jumped off the boat.


This makes sense. I hope that the University ends up in a good place when the dust all settles.