Hope Utah comes to the XII

I have read this board on occasion and I’m sure I’ll get some tough love. But that’s fair if I’m going to venture here and post.

While it’s not a done deal I hope Utah does come to the B12. College is better with great rivalry games.

I know you’re hoping for pac to survive or go to the B10. Who knows what willl happen. But having Utah back in the schedule at the end of the year would be awesome.

Utah will be coming to the B12


Why are you excited about it being at the end of the year? You would have won more times if that were the case, or it would matter more?

If Utah comes to the Big-12, we’ll make the most of it. Our rivalry with BYU doesn’t bring out the best in our fans, but we certainly don’t have any grudges with B12 schools. (Well, we’re a little peeved with CU, but that will likely pass.)

(Class post, BTW. It’s been a nice time in the PAC, but our FB coach has been consistent in predicting more alignment changes were likely in CFB.)


Agreed. It’s like the ideal spot going forward for the time being. They don’t have to schedule BYU anymore non-conference (because it’s a yearly conference game), which opens up the opportunity for Utah to schedule a big name team EVERY SEASON in non-conference play. So, they can play a Florida or a Michigan EVERY YEAR NOW if the so desire. The Big 12 also doesn’t have a clear cut blue-blood program who is the top dog. That top dog could become Utah. Plus playing regular games in Texas will help their Texas recruiting. If the Big Ten isn’t a realistic option, it’s gotta be the Big 12. Utah CANNOT go back to the Mountain West.

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