Hoops vs Cal in the Hunty

Saturday at 8PM MT on ESPNU. Last game of the homestand.

Cal is bad. Only conference win is over hapless UW. Conference losses to OSU (twice!), ASU, UCLA, Oregon, WSU, and CU.

Trib’s Josh Newman reporting that Cal’s best player, Matt Bradley, is unlikely to play tonight. He’s missed the last few games with a sprained ankle.

Good, you never know if or for how long this team will show up, so we need every advantage you can find.

What’s up with Rylan’s shooting form this season? It wasn’t this ugly last year, right? I don’t get it.

seems to be thinking about his shot too much

Whole game currently seems to be in a deep funk.

The what mountains Bill? :joy:

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I really didn’t need Bill Walton. I tried syncing with the radio, but the sync changes with each commercial.

Well at least we’re not up by 10. Maybe there is hope.

Can’t believe we’ve done it again. What is it about the 2nd half?

I think it’s the double digit leads at half. They come out complacent/

It just seems like every single game we decide that it would be cool not to score for six to eight minutes and then see what happens. Maddening. Utes looked good first half.

I might be done with basketball this year. I can’t go watch games, and watching on TV is agonizing.

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Is this a rerun I’m watching?

I don’t even know what to say anymore.

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Once again I forgot about the game. I remembered at about 8:40 PM and was going to tune in, but got distracted and then completely forgot, and instead watched my favorite Netflix series. Then about five minutes ago I remembered that there had been a game, so I checked the Tribune and saw that they had blown another double-digit halftime lead.

First first thought was, “This is pathetic. This is three straight games that I have forgotten to watch. I have never felt this way about Utah basketball.”

Then my second thought was, “Well, I think this pretty much seals it. I hope we can find a successor who can bring basketball back to something close to what it has been.”

I may be completely wrong, but it sure feels to me like we’re headed for a new head basketball coach. I honestly feel kind of sad.

I feel the same way, but Monson’s column tomorrow says the buyout is over $9 million. Very tough decision for Harlan. So much loss of enthusiasm; may never recover if don’t act now.

Something is really wrong with this team.

I don’t see that as a tough decision at all. Pay the money, it’s time.

Yeah but from where? The athletic department revenues are down tens of $millions

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Its time for all of us at UF.net to step up. Anyone know how to set up a GoFundMe site? :grin: