Hoops tonight vs TCU

Game is on ESPN+ at 6PM mountain time. Should be a good challenge for both teams.

Here’s the game article from the official site.


got my fingers crossed!

Ute Hoops facebook page shows starters as

Jenkins Jr.

no possibly no Marco again.

anyone have a stream for the game tonight?

Marco checked in the game. Utes up 13-12

The reality of this season is beginning to appear. The UTES have had a huge talent drain (again), and it’s going to have an effect.

We will see after this season whether Smith can attract and keep talent. I believe he is showing that he can coach the talent he has.

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I was able to watch for the first time this year, and the Utes played pretty close to TCU until about 5 minutes left in the first half when TCU did a better job shutting down the inside scoring and TCU ran out a bit. In the second half, the Utes played them even until the last 5 minutes when they started hoisting threes and clanking, and TCU got some easy transition baskets.

Was this just a bad night shooting from 3, or do we just not have any shooters?

Also, has Gach been this offensively aggressive in all games this year? He took some really questionable shots and was a bit of a ball hog, in my eyes anyway.


The Utes got exposed in this one. A few observations.

Worster got in foul trouble. He’s the only PG on the team and when he is encumbered by fouls, or sits, the Ute offense stagnates. That results in a lot of difficult shots, thus the low shooting percentage.

Also, the quicker TCU guards did a great job of denying Worster the ball which disrupted the Ute offense and forced Jenkins to try and make his own shots.

Got outrebounded by 10, despite 9 from Carlson. He could have used some help. Gave up 11 offensive rebounds! Ouch.

Lack of defensive quickness on the guard line allowed TCU to penetrate at will. The Ute bigs blocked some shots, but mostly TCU got layups and dunks from the penetration. Felt like the Ute press yielded a dunk every time.

So it appears the Utes will struggle vs teams with good guards, even when the Utes have an advantage up front. It’s imperative the Utes find a good PG in this recruiting class.

My 2 cents.