Hoops tonight vs Oregon

7:30 PM MT on PAC-12 network.

Not terribly optimistic about this one. Utes have lost 5 straight vs Oregon. Altman seems to have Larry’s number.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!!

Here we go. Now I get to find out who Oregon is this year. College basketball is so much worse in the one and done era. There’s no time to really learn to hate anyone.

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If you had told me that Carlson would be pulled out of the starting lineup in January, I’d have said “that’s bad news”. I’d have been right.

Not sure if y’all watching, but that was a beautiful half of basketball.

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Yes, followed immediately by three TOs in 3 possessions to start the second and a dumb foul after that.

Well maybe we got our scoring drought out of the way early.

It would be nice to see Larry Beat Dana Altman for a change

Outscored 17 to 5 in the 2nd so far. Bad ball control and D. I don’t get these guys.

I just…basketball officiating at all levels. Argh…:rage:

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Great example of weak play. Soft pass by Plummer to Carlson and it dribbles out of bounds. Play strong!

Oregon has turned up the defensive intensity here in the 2nd half.

Now there’s a run. Ducks are beatable. We just need to play smarter.

I’d like to see that about Utah sometime before I die. Last time was about 22 years ago.

16th TO. Ugh.

Passing is pretty weak.

We’ll now see if these Utes can play well at home in the last 5:00 when it really counts.

Not all that well, it seems.

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17th turnover. Poise lost.

2-point deficit now. Maybe there’s hope.

Rylan’s toughness is great. Wrong time to give up a 2 and 1, however.

Timmy can’t shoot that three. That’s just a wasted possession.