Hoops today vs. Colorado

4PM MT on PAC 12 network.

CU is one of the better teams in the conference. Utah is not. CU is a 3 point favorite, which seems low to me.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

Go UTES!!!

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Hopefully they can figure out how to play two full halves of ball. Seeing them look like world beaters, then looking like the Washington Generals is becoming frustrating.

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Maybe Larry needs to tell them its not a second half, just a continuation of the first half?

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Knowing Larry K’s teams, I am expecting Utah to follow up its second-half collapse by falling behind by 15 at the break in this one.

I always look for the total loss of poise in the last 5 minutes of the game. It’s almost fun to anticipate, if you’re in a masochistic mood.

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Up by 10 at the half. We’ve seen this movie before! Let’s see how the final 5 minutes go.

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I’ve had the figurative day from hell. Was hoping to listen to the entire game, but just now tuning in. Just read Utah was up 10 at the half, now down 6. Sorry, I’m afraid I know how this will end and I’ll probably have a better evening reading about it tomorrow.

I cannot believe that my Utah Basketball attitude has fallen so badly. Enjoy the rest of the game all. :frowning:

Got busy and forgot all about it. Looking like that wasn’t a bad thing

I forgot about the game until there were about five minutes left in the first half. Then I turned the game off at halftime, and forgot to turn it back on. This has never happened to me before.

I watched the whole thing.

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There’s one in every crowd. :grin:

The state of our basketball program is reflected very well by the fact that our message board has comments from about 4 people.

It was a dumpster fire when Larry took over, he did some good things, and then he slowly choked it out, whispering, “Just relax, close your eyes, relax, go to sleep…” while he did it.

It’s basically dead…or at least in a coma.

As a 30 year season ticket holder, I’ve decided to not watch another game as long as Larry is the coach. It’s just a bad product. Mediocre would be a stretch goal at this point. I feel bad for his players. Larry has no idea how to prepare them to succeed.


When you’ve lost Loyter, you’ve lost the cause.


I’ve said it here a number of times, but basketball is my primary love and I think the greatest sporting event in the world is the NCAA Tournament. But I am 100% disinterested in Utah basketball and can’t even watch it.

From my childhood and through Giacoletti I prided myself on the fact that I could count without taking off my shoes the number of games I had missed, either in person, on TV or the radio. I never ever missed a game.

I got fed up with Boylen’s last season and stopped attending in person, but still followed it closely.

Krystkowiak-ball has just slowly killed me. Last year I think I watched maybe 4 games in entirety and a parts of maybe a handful of other games. This year I’ve watched maybe 5 minutes. It is unwatchable.

And this is a guy who watched Majerus-ball which while I think it was awesome, was not exactly always exciting to watch. So if you’ve made me bored with the game… yeah. And as said above, if you’ve lost Loyter you’ve lost the cause.

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Loyter bailed forever ago; he just shows up occasionally to remind us. It sounds like almost everyone has bailed. What is wrong with me that I keep watching? Maybe I just don’t have anything else to do. I don’t know what y’all are doing with that free time. There’s a pandemic on, and there’s nothing else on TV.

Anyway, I think the bailing on basketball is only partially the fault of our poor performance. Attendance and viewership is down in general across the entire sport. Even if we were good, attendance would not return to what it was in the 90s.

Maybe interest will return, but I suspect it will continue to dwindle. It seems younger folks just aren’t into it.

Right there with you.

Watched the whole thing and will continue to do so until its over because I love the logo on the uniform and its just how I am, frustrated as i feel.

The last 4 teams are all top 25 in kenpom. And we were competitive in 3 of them. Stanford is another top 40 team but after that, we have 3 games we should win…I hope.


Do you watch other college ball games? I’m not entertained by any of it anymore. Maybe I have hard time adjusting to the new style of game, not sure what it is.

Doesn’t help that the players only play for a year or two. Back in the day it seemed fans really got to know the team well.

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I will watch the NCAA tournament - don’t have a lot of time to invest in regular college b-ball, but never really did. I’ve found the same with football - I’ll watch any Utah football game, but passing interest only in other football. Need a team to root for or against.

My hats off to @sancho and @Ben_In_Utah for being true fans. I actually thought I’d spend more time watching sports with Covid limiting lots of things, but the interest just isn’t there.