Home from Balitimore for the Maryland Cycling Classic

Saw today that Sep VanMarke from the Netherlands won today. I couldn’t have told you that yesterday.

If you guys had a chance to watch it, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I was just ahead of the break all day long. Little surprised that it stayed away. It was hot yesterday. Seems that terrain, plus the heat, plus the humidity did a number on the total number of finishers.

Just an observation. The roads outside of Balitmore were pretty nice. The roads for the finishing circuits were awful Old and rutted, or in construction zones so the road was chewed up.

All that said: 18hrs on the moto over 3 days. 822 miles in 3 days. It was fun. Glad to be home.

I saw the last 2 minutes or so of the game. Saw the Gators score their last points. Then I saw our Utes march down the field. I believe @RockerUte said it weill; that was very much a “Utah” type of loss for us. At least if felt that way.

Part of the crew was a Gator fan who lives near Gainesville. I was wearing some of my Utah gear last night going to dinner. He had to tease me a bit. I did tell him that I was disappointed in the loss, but wasn’t shocked by it.

All in all, I suspect it was a good game to watch, except the end.