Hollywood loves Harvey Weinstein - montage of Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence,

Just thought I’d share…they should play this clip at the Oscars every year. Lol!

That just illustrates the amount of power he had in Hollywood. It is why he got away with his disgusting treatment of women for so long. For a long time if you wanted to do anything in the film business you had to be on Weinstein’s good side. So at least in public they had to heap on the praise. I worked for a brief time on the fringes of the film business here in Utah and got to know some people who had long careers in the industry. It was well known for a long time the Weinstein was an absolute pig but also he held so much power that people had to hold their nose and play nice or they didn’t work. Thankfully now he is reaping some rewards of his terrible behavior.


Agree 100%. And who knew he could act? That walker-thing was award worthy.

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