Hit piece in the San Fran Chronical takes shots at Jazz, fans, owner Ryan Smith, and Dwayne Wade

Not to reopen this can of worms on a thread that was shut down a few days ago, but I think this columnist reveals a lot about outside perceptions of Utah in general, not just the Jazz.

The funny thing is I’d bet dollars to donuts that SFgate.com uses Qualtrics in some fashion. Blaming them for the Cambridge Analytica scandal is… uh… interesting. I’d also like to blame Nike, because some of the guys at CA wore them to work.

One thing I hate about the state of Utah is our constant worry about ‘outside perception’. I for one am glad at the steps Ryan Smith is taking to address racism through the Jazz.


Didn’t you hear Qualtrics was funded by Hugo Chavez and Venezuela? Nevermind the facts…