Here's how ESPN got duped into airing a terrible high school football team

ESPN and the organizers should have done their due diligence before allowing this to happen:

They really buried the lede in that story – those kids played two games in 48 hours for this nonsense.

People need to be fired

Well, E$PN screwed the proverbial pooch in their lack of due diligence. But Bishop Sycamore shares plenty of blame too. Which is worse? I’d argue that Bishop Sycamore was the worst of the 2; lying about players that they didn’t have to get air time, and having played 2 days earlier.


Bishop Sycamore ended up presumably getting $$$$ but the players were humiliated on national television.

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At least they got the full experience of what it is like to be a teenager.


Does ESPN not have the phone number of any coach in Ohio? I’m sure one or two calls would have given them an idea of the strength of Bishop Sycamore.


What’s crazy is there are multiple groups to be outraged at for this.

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I mean, it’s ok to say they both ■■■■■■ up. Both share a ton of blame and both could have done better and both decided to screw over some kids for money. Both are wrong here.

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No doubt they both screwed over the kids, but doesn’t responsibility lie closer to those who see the kids most often? The coaches/teachers of the school? They were going for fame, ESPN just provided the avenue for it.

Great question. The buck stops with ESPN. They have final say in anything. No podunk team with crappy players ever sees the light of day at ESPN without ESPN’s full approval. And there are a lot of local people who think it’s cool to be on tv and that “these are just kids, they are tough, back in my day” and don’t realize/understand the trauma the kids take in a game and brush off the frequency of games.

I guess I’d hold the people “who should know better” as responsible, if not more responsible and I’d argue that ESPN should “know better” than some small high school people.

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Pretty sure ESPN didn’t schedule a game 48 hours earlier. :man_shrugging:

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Again, both sides ■■■■■■ up. I don’t get this need we have to show how one side was worse. Does that reduce guilt or make you feel like you didn’t ■■■■ up?

Both sides are awful, both sides made mistakes, both sides should take steps to get better.

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Because one side is clearly worse.

This is getting weird:


How about they come out and cover a Granite High football game? Granted they would need a time machine to do it, but if memorializing “Hall of Shame” football is the goal…

As a '96 GHS graduate who never saw his varsity team win a single game, I say “ouch.”

They did win the Homecoming game the following year…

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You probably graduated with Mrs. SkinyUte. She was Granite 96 as well.

She often bemoans the fact that her elementary, middle, and high schools have all been demolished.

Yeah, it was a sad conclusion to a long history. My dad played under Lavell Edwards in the 60s. They played a wee bit better then but it looks like they didn’t have winning seasons either.

Granite won a title back in the 60s (when future NFL-er Golden Richards was catching passes). My wife was a Farmer and we were both saddened when the school was torn down.

(edit) Looked it up and found a site going back to 1950 and don’t see them winning when Golden was there in the 60s but am fairly certain saw them on a historical list of champions a long time ago.

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