Here, watch some legit repair work in the wilds of Pakistan

Nothing to do with sports or our Utes, I just thought this was interesting enough to share. Dude has some serious welding skills. This comes from years of practice. Just watching a skilled man doing his work, it would be an honor to learn from this guy.

How to repair a broken rear wheel hub in Pakistan | amazing thing Technology | - YouTube

I love human ingenuity… and watching that I’m reminded all the things we take for granted in the US.

I’ll admit, it did give me anxiety watching those guys run around underneath that truck that was just held up by a few jacks, when they started whacking away at those rusted leaf springs with a sledge hammer, and also when they started taking things apart by the leaf springs. I though death was imminent. I also enjoyed watching a guy weld in sandals.

Finally, the whole, “Did we do a good weld? Let’s hit it with a sledgehammer to find out…” test was awesome.

They did a solid job though, and I always enjoy seeing craftsmanship, particularly in conditions we’d probably never consider even trying.


Seriously. I was wincing, waiting for the guy swinging the sledgehammer to crush the other dude’s hand.

Very cool though.

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