Helton out at USC

Clearing the way for Urban?

Where is the dislike button?

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Hey man, don’t blue star the messenger. :slight_smile:

Who gets the first courtesy call?

Here comes the Urban speculation.

They should have not let Ed O go.


I’m sure glad they did

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I am as well. He’s perfect for LSU.

Honestly, I think Ed O and Helton were very similar but being forced to go to LSU helped Orgeron to grow as a coach. If he would have stayed at 'sc he would have been very similar to Helton in my opinion.

Or maybe not. This from the assistant AD at USC

Thamel also says it’s not true.


Except the one thing Ed O has always done is adapt to the game and recruit. Two things I don’t think Helton does.

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LOL! What a s*** show!

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This talk has been happening all season. I’ll believe it when it’s official. Until then, their “sources” are just people speculating.

To an extent. I mean, it’s not like he has to do much to recruit to LSU or even USC. Remembering the games he served as interim head coach for 'sc, it really wasn’t anything too remarkable.

I had this thought back when he was at 'sc, “He’s at least a solid coach with a chance to become something good/special”. Comparing that to my thoughts on Helton which were along the lines of “He’s at least a solid coach and I don’t think he’ll really become a special head coach… but I could be wrong and mis-evaluating”. To me Ed O progressed like a professional athlete sometimes does when he/she is traded. Sometimes that’s what it takes in order to get to that next level. I really can’t fault 'sc for not keeping him.

But you do have to recruit to LSU or SC. You have to recruit players that match the expectations of that fanbase. SC may seem to be a national brand. They really aren’t currently. Also, Ed O has to fight every SEC school poaching from their state. Building a fence around Louisiana is tough. There was a time both SC and LSU would pick the players they wanted from their state. Now, only LSU is in position to do so. That has more to do with Ed O than anything. When Kiffin went to SC many of the flips happened because they were Coach O commits.

You do realize that the common line out here (Los Angeles) is that you can build an entire team of 5 and 4 star players by just driving up and down the 405, 10, and 110 freeways right (and I added the 10 and 110, really they just say the 405)? Sure you still have to actually put in some work, but not only does the school sell itself, kids grow up wanting to go there based on history.

There are some schools where you really don’t have to do much. Take Urban Meyer for example. It was well known that he hated recruiting. In order to mitigate that he went to Florida and sure Florida wasn’t the destination it once was, but all it took was a little coaxing to get kids to go there again. USC, LSU, Texas, Ohio State, etc etc. are schools where you may have to do a bit of work to get things going again, but it’s not like trying to recruit to Baylor, Utah, Ole Miss, Michigan State, etc.

I’m with you on needing to get the right players, but again for 'sc… over 10 million people in L.A. County alone. I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you need when you start to expand that recruiting range out to the rest of California.

I stand by the fact that the Ed Orgeron of today is light years ahead of the guy that was interim coach at 'sc. He’s grown into his potential and has a great support system of coaches and administration that helped him get there. I’m not sure he gets there if the 'sc admin kept him.

This Adam Maya has been wrong numerous times before. I’d wait for a more authoritative source or an announcement from the school itself.

I grew up in the Inland Empire. I think this was true back when I was in HS. The world is smaller now. Honestly, as much as I love California and my extended family in Texas those aren’t the hotbeds they used to be. For a state as large as California there are almost as many top rated recruits in Georgia with less FBS P5 schools. This article is interesting:

That said, I don’t think we disagree. Ed was a “failure” at Ole Miss. I think he needed LSU to bring out his best.


Interesting article, good find.